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The sphinx is the enigma of mathematics, and the muse is the mind's song of understanding that sweeps away the enigma.


I have come to believe,
after many years of listening and study,
that sustained attention paid to the music of

Olivier Messiaen,


can completely eliminate

the trouble that so many people have

Perhaps, it's the "emancipation of dissonance" [Google it!]

"Mode de valeurs et d'intensités" by Olivier Messiaen:

"One gem of a composition was to turn 20th century music on its head. This was 'Mode de valeurs et d'intensities' part of four studies in rhythm for piano. It took Schönberg's theory of serealizing pitches a whole leap forward whereby Messiaen effectively serealized all musical parameters i.e. pitches, durations, dynamics and articulations. Thus each note has a character and identity all its own which is maintained throughout the piece. For example, middle C will always appear as a dotted minim value, forte dynamic and have a tenuto articulation mark."   Ref : [@ the 'biography' link, 2nd block of text after the golden oriole] :   :   Messiaen's "Turangalîla" Symphony   :

The card image below links to a page about more of Olivier Messiaen's music,
to which and to whom i was introduced by a Kiwi Pianist & Barista. [ , ]

@ His Cafe on K-Road Circa 2001 [.]

my "Squared" Circle of Fifths from Music Theory

a circle's
divided by
its diameter is
defined to be
π =
Pi ≈ ⤵









For my Country (USA) Too !!

Bedřich Smetana's Má Vlast
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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My Card for the Elders to Help the Youngers