How to End Poverty!

Use the Little Red
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Play Chess.
Take Up the Piano!
Learn Classical Greek!!
Study Quantum Physics!!!
Do Whatever is Your Passion!!!!


Please Consider :
An Anthropological Economic Growth Argument

The political and economic Powers & Experts that Be
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Universities: Please help them!

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The inflection points, , define the oscillations :


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The picture is ugly because poverty is ugly; as will be the collapse of growth - if it is not replaced by cycles of prosperity.
i put the calculation onto a paper towel (-: photo immediately above :-) in about five minutes.  If we grow unity at one basis point per year for a million years we get a big number, but not an obviously unphysically large number.  However, if we grow unity at one basis point per year for the age of [humanity IS] our genus homo [not our species sapiens], [which age i believe is about 3 million years (a very short time compared to the age of the universe)], then we get a number which is absurdly greater than the number of atoms in the known universe - which is estimated to be less than 10^83.