i'd like to play the oracle and write a mysterious equation in the earth using a pointed stick as my pencil:


i am inspired to do this by Sir Thomas Heath,
who wrote the following words in his preface to
A History of Greek Mathematics:

"The work was begun in 1913, but the bulk of it was written, as a distraction, during the first three years of the war, the hideous course of which seemed day by day to enforce the profound truth conveyed in the answer of Plato to the Delians. When they consulted him on the problem set them by the Oracle, namely that of duplicating the cube, he replied, 'It must be supposed, not that the god specially wished this problem solved, but that he would have the Greeks desist from war and wickedness and cultivate the Muses, so that, their passions being assuaged by philosophy and mathematics, they might live in innocent and mutually helpful intercourse with one another.'"

More mysterious equations are listed in the first appendix.
Their originators are listed in the bibliography.
We can derive the equations using
mind alone.

We can also use mind and stick and sand.

We could do worse than be spenders of time in these ways.

Appendix I: The Equations